Going Meatless

Over the last three years Hillside Kitchen and Cellar has cemented its position as one of the most forward thinking, innovative and creative restaurants in Wellington and New Zealand.

With a focus on local, ethical and season ingredients, Hillside has developed a unique socially conscious sense of our regions terroir.


Asher Boote, Chef and owner of Hillside, is excited to announce that from the 1st of September 2018 Hillside will become an entirely meatless restaurant. While the ethical standpoint has had an influence on this decision, it is the drive to continue growing and further innovate the style of food Hillside is known for that has made this an easy choice.  With an entirely meatless menu, Hillside will offer a creative, inclusive style of cuisine that pushes the boundaries of modern New Zealand dining.


This is a move to celebrate vegetables in their own right, not as substitute for meat. Hillside will continue to serve organic dairy products and free range eggs from small local producers and suppliers.


While continuing to work closely with local suppliers and producers and foraging for ingredients within the region, Hillside is currently building and expanding upon its kitchen garden. The garden will be the main driver behind the menu, while also giving Hillside’s staff a direct connection to the ingredients they serve. The waste from the kitchen and bar will be converted to compost for the garden creating a low waste loop. Hillside is also looking into other ways of adding to this low waste approach.


As this plan has been in the works for a while customers may have already seen some slight changes at Hillside, such as a shift in operating hours earlier this year.

While most of the change will be slowly integrated, Hillside will close for a week at the end of August for a minor refurb and design update.

Diners can expect weekend brunch and daily lunch menus to have a similar feel to current, while night time will bring a new tasting menu format.


Hillside has been incredibly proud to serve some of the very best meat products New Zealand has to offer from suppliers such as Longbush Pork, Awatoru Wild Food and Eastbourne Village meats and although they will no longer grace the menus of Hillside they will continue to be served at Hillside’s sibling restaurants, The Ramen Shop and Tinakori Bistro.



Sample Meatless Menu - Starting September 1st 

Sample Meatless Menu - Starting September 1st